RTW Packing List

Every person we talk to about our trip asks "How do you pack for 9 months?", well here is the answer! So far what we have brought has worked perfectly for us, but we still have a very long way to go!   

While getting ready for our trip, we read the words of wisdom from many experienced travel bloggers and basically took tips from each of them to create our packing lists.  

First, we both have Osprey Farpoint backpacks, Alexander has the 70 liter and I have the 55 liter. We love these because they open wide like a suitcase so you don't have to dig around in the bottom for your things, and because they include a detachable day pack.   

Second, we used a variety of brands for our everyday travel essentials. We had to bring travel sheets because not all hostels include them and in some places, we will probably prefer to use our own! We also have a security pillowcase (it has a zipped pocket so you can keep your valuables safe). The pink thing in the lower left is my travel towel. It's amazing because it is super absorbent, dries quickly, and is really really compact while still being full size. The spork has already come in handy with quick meals and for hostels that don't have silverware for use in the kitchen! We have not had to use the SteriPen just yet- the drinking water in most of Europe is completely safe to drink. I of course also have sleep shorts and eye shades.


This is a photo of Alexander's supplies. He is carrying laundry detergent for washing clothes in the sink and earbuds for noisy hostels. 


Here, I have my noise cancelling headphones, neck pillow, makeup and mini emergency kit! 


These are my shoes and swim suits. I have two reversible swim suits and a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of cute wedges, and a pair of flip flops. 


Lastly, and I my opinion most importantly, we had a hard time picking what clothes to bring. However, when necessary we plan to change out some clothes to be more seasonally or regionally appropriate. 

Below are the tops and bottoms we brought with us. I also brought one blue and white striped dress and a grey multipurpose dress (not pictured).



As for jackets, I brought a rain coat, a jogging jacket, a vest and another light coat and fleece.  Alexander brought similar jackets along with a few sweaters. 

We also each have toiletries and locks for our bags, along with other odds and ends!