My New Earring Collection

When getting ready for this trip, I was bummed that I wouldn't be able to collect cool souvenirs from each place I visited because we don't have the space. Then, after thinking about it more, I decided that I could get a pair of earrings from each country! They are small and are something I will actually use, unlike key chains or magnets.

I thought of this idea after we already left Iceland. However, I decided to use this box that we received from our first class upgrade on the IcelandAir flight! It is the perfect size to hold all of my earrings and provides a little something from Iceland.  

IRELAND: I got four leaf clovers from Ireland for obvious reasons! I thought they were very cute and I love the shade of green. 

IRELAND: I got four leaf clovers from Ireland for obvious reasons! I thought they were very cute and I love the shade of green. 


SCOTLAND: In Scotland, I got these Triquetra shaped earrings because of their significance in Celtic and Christian history. The Triquetra was adapted from the Celtics to represent the Holy Trinity. 


ENGLAND: I'm going to be honest- these weren't my first choice. Unfortunately, I looked in every shop I saw to find cheap earrings that represented England. Even little British flags would do. Unfortunately, the only place I found a single pair was at a gift shop near Buckingham Palace. I probably won't wear them, but they can remind me of my experience at the palace while in England. 


NORWAY: These earrings I thought were very cool and unique. Because Bergen is such an important shipping port, I found these boat earrings (if you can't tell, they are boats viewed from the front). While visiting Bergen we saw their maritime museum and sat and watched boats in the harbor. 


DENMARK: In Denmark, Amber is called "The Gold of the North"! It was basically everywhere in Copenhagen, so it was only fitting to get these amber earrings! I knew these simple heart shaped ones were perfect! 


SWEDEN: I chose these little horse earrings because of the Dala Horse which is a symbol for Sweden! However, the Dala Horse is wooden and red, but metal and rose gold color is as close as I could get! 


LATVIA: I bought these little beauties from a sweet old Latvian lady selling jewelry along a little sweet in Riga! They are also amber because of how important it is in Latvia! Apparently the forests in the Baltic region created 100,000 tons of it!! Also, amber is starting to grow on me :p