Day 85- Travel to Geneva

Today was hectic.  

We left our AirBnB around 11AM and hopped on the metro to the airport. We spent a couple hours having lunch in the lounge before boarding our flight to Lyon. You’re probably like “But Shelby, it says you’re traveling to Geneva, why on earth are you flying to France?” Well, it was $100 cheaper per ticket to fly to Lyon which is only a couple hours away from Geneva. We thought that since we have a much higher abundance of time than money, we could take a cheap bus to Geneva.

So, we landed in Lyon at 5:45PM and took an airport tram into the city, where we took a train to the other side of the city. From there we waited until 9:20PM for the bus to Geneva. For hours we sat by the one entrance where we thought the bus would pick us up, however, 5 minutes before departure we learned we were on the wrong side of the station. So we looked like crazy people, running through the bus/train station with our giant backpacks! Thankfully, we made it just in time! 

Our bus ride was pleasant and it was supposed to arrive in Geneva at 11:45PM, which isn’t too bad. HOWEVER, the main highway was blocked due to road construction, so we were taking back roads. Which was fine until we came across another blocked road. So we turned around and headed a different way, then the road was too narrow for the bus so we turned around again. Then that road was also blocked! Then our bus driver turned us around and headed back a long way before realizing there was no way to get there in this direction. We drove in circles repeatedly until taking a way around the city before actually going into it. We arrived at 3:30AM- almost 4 hours after our estimated arrival time on what was supposed to only be a 2 hour trip!  

My least favorite part was trying to explain the situation to our AirBnB host who was staying up late on a work night to let us in! I don’t think she believed me when I told her we were stuck on a bus! Even though she couldn’t wait for us that late, she was kind enough to wedge the door open for us to get into the building when we arrived at 4AM!