Day 86- Downtown Geneva

Today, after sleeping in really late following our late night, we set out to find a grocery store. One tote of groceries cost us $80! For that we only got a box of cereal for breakfast, one lunch, and two dinners! At home, we could have had a week’s worth of food for that price!  

After purchasing our food, we headed back to eat. Shortly after, we headed back out to see some of Geneva. Since our AirBnB is centrally located, we were able to walk to the places we wanted to see!  

We started on the main shopping street in hopes of finding me some tennis shoes. Along the way, we found a Victorinox where we looked at a bunch of unique Siss Army knives! Alexander was really close to buying one before changing his mind (he instead decided he wants to buy souvenirs at CERN tomorrow!). 

At the end of the shopping street, we got to a park along Lac Leman. We got to see the Geneva water fountain which constantly shoots water really high into the air. It was nice enjoying the cool air and fall leaves in the park!  

The park also had a couple pretty fountains and a clock made of flowers! 

On our way back home, we were able to find me some new tennies! When we got back, we had some dinner and went to bed early because Alexander isn’t feeling very well.