Day 91- Hot Chocolate and Laundry in Lauterbrunnen

Today was foggy and misty and cold, and we loved it! The fog looked really eerie over the mountains and the cold air felt nice after all of the warm places we have been lately.  


We also needed to do laundry really badly, so we took the bus into town so we could go to the laundromat. Once we had our clothes washing, we went across the street to a super cute cafe where we had some delicious Swiss hot chocolate! We brought our iPads so we could get some things done while we were sitting and chatting. 

We walked along the Main Street, which is basically the only street since the town is so small, hoping to look in some shops. However, and I can’t believe we still haven’t learned this lesson, it’s Sunday and everything is closed!  

Oh well, we still enjoyed doing some window shopping and checking out the “Misty Mountains”.  

Once we dried our clothes, we headed back to the cottage where we cranked up the space heater and got all cozy for the evening!