Day 113- Last Taste of Italy

Today we headed out to try and find some Sicilian food that my cousin told me about, called arancini.  

Along the way, we actually passed a movie being filmed! We accidentally walked through while they were trying to clear the set (the probably told us to leave, but we couldn’t understand them!). So once we passed, we stood and watched them film for a while. It was clearly set in the 70s because people were in costumes and ha


Just down the street from the film crew, we found a little shop that just sold these arancinis in a whole bunch of different flavors! They are fried rice balls with different fillings. 

We got one meat ragu and one salmon! They were both DELICIOUS! 10/10 would recommend. 


After we had our little treats, we walked around and enjoyed the unique buildings! 


Later on, we realized that we were still hungry so we stopped at a restaurant to get some dinner. Unfortunately, the waiters didn’t speak English so we just ordered something random and we both didn’t like whatever it was we were served. We also decided that we are tired of the pizza and pasta we’ve been eating for the past couple weeks, so we actually stopped at a sushi place and just picked up some food for our dinner!