Day 114- Travel to Athens

Today we had to get up at 3AM to catch our 4AM bus to catch our 6AM flight! We just had a couple hours of sleep, so the day was kind of a blur.  

We did think it was kind of cool though, we had breakfast in Palermo, lunch in Milan (where we had a layover), and then dinner in Athens! We are quite the jet setters ;)  

We landed at 3PM and planned to take the metro to the city, but unfortunately the metro workers were on strike so we had to take the hour bus. By the time the bus came, it was getting to be rush hour, so the 1 hour bus turned into the 2 hour bus :(  

Anyway, when it was all said and done, we checked into our AirBnB at about 5:30PM. We then walked to the grocery store just to get some quick food for the night and then headed straight to bed!