Day 125- Sunny History Lessons

While lying out in the sunshine today, we actually read up more on Cyprus! We realized that we really don’t know much about this place and its interesting history. 

Apparently, the Turkish side has declared Northern Cyprus to be its own sovereign state, but it is not at all recognized internationally. We were told by a Cypriot working at the hotel that if people from the Greek side want to go to the Turkish side, the guards on the other side will slide a piece of paper into your passport and stamp it so you don’t have to have record of entering an invalid state in your real passport.

The person we talked to also believed that the two sides will never be united. He told us about how his sons in school were taught about the bad things that the Turks did and how their schooling gave them a negative outlook on the Turkish people. He said that unless the education changes, there will always be a strong divide between the two sides.