Day Fourteen- Buckingham Palace and The British Museum

This morning we got up and showered in our less-than-ideal AirBnB. The water pressure was low enough in the shower that someone had taken the head off of it and it looked like a little sink faucet! For anyone who knows Alexander and I, this is about as far as we come to roughing it! 

Anyway, we then made some sandwiches and ate them while we walked to the tube station to take us to Buckingham Palace. We arrived about half an hour before our scheduled tour time, so we watched the world championships for speed-walking that was taking place right outside the palace! I thought it looked silly on the TV, but it was even more entertaining in person. In their defense though, they were actually really fast! 


Then, at 11:15 we were able to walk into the palace staterooms with our little audio tour guides. We weren't allowed to take any photos so I can't show how magnificent this place was! Each room was so impeccably designed, decorated and outfitted with the most incredible pieces of art that have been collected by the royals for centuries. Each room displayed gifts that were presented to the Queen by dignitaries from different nations, organized by continent. All of them were one of a kind treasures, but my favorite were the ones that combined the cultures of the native country along with symbols and designs from the crown. 

The tour ended in the gardens with the gift shop and cafe. There, we sat outside (the weather has greatly improved since we first arrived, today the temp got up to 74 and it was sunny!) and each had a cup of tea and shared a scone with strawberries.  

After our English snack, we got on the bus to the British Museum!  

This place was huge-mongous. Like most museums, it was arranged by continent and time period. We were staggered at the sheer amount of artifacts they house. The Rosetta Stone was by far our favorite thing. It's amazing how one item can be so critical in unlocking a language. 


 After spending a couple hours looking through as many exhibits as we could, we stopped at a small sushi place for a late lunch. We then decided to try getting food at the grocery store for dinner again. We picked up a couple salads and fresh fruit. Thankfully, this time it was edible!  

We are now back at our interesting AirBnB catching up on things and doing laundry. Tomorrow we are tackling the Tower of London and the Royal Observatory!