Day Sixteen- Tower of London and Museum of London

So today the inevitable happened: I woke up with a sore throat that has gotten progressively worse throughout the day. Of course with the changing environment, sharing close spaces with strangers, and touching gross bus railings, it was bound to happen! 

However, I was able to push through for the whole day and still enjoy myself! Hopefully tonight I can get a goodnight's sleep and feel better in the morning!

Anyway, today we started at the Tower of London! I actually thought the Tower of London was just a single tower! Instead it was an entire fortress that has been added on to for several centuries.


There we were also able to see the Crown Jewels!  Of course we couldn't take photos, but I'll let you know they were stunning! I didn't know cut diamonds that big even existed! Instead, here is a photo of building in which the jewels are kept. And, a photo of the one the Tower's resident ravens! Apparently there are currently 7 that choose to live on the grounds of the Tower. It is said that it would be bad luck if there are less than 6 of them! 


After sitting and people watching by the Tower Bridge, we got on the bus and went over to the Museum of London. 


As you walk through the museum, you move through the timeline of the life of London. It begins with artifacts from the prehistoric era, moving through to the Roman Empire, Medieval times, the Renaissance and ending in the modern day. 

A turbulent time that we have heard about several times in tours and museums here, is in the 1660's when the plague came back to London. Not only were they facing this hardship, but they were in a civil war and executed their King only a decade before! To top it off, in 1666 there was the Great Fire of London that burned down four fifths of the city. I can't imagine living through all of that in such a small amount of time!

Because I am quite tired with a sore throat, we came back home after stopping at the drug store to get some lozenges.

Tomorrow morning, we fly to Bergen, Norway!