Day Seventeen- Floibanen and Bryggen

This morning we were up bright and early to head on the train to the London-Gatwick Airport! We ate breakfast in the lounge and then hopped on the plane to Bergen, Norway!

We arrived at our hostel at about 3PM and checked into our 6 person room. Because I am still sick (getting worse) and didn't sleep well last night, I took a nap while Alexander did some work. Then, about an hour and a half later, we walked to the Funicular Floibanen which is a tram that goes up the side of the mountain Floyen. At the top are breathtaking views of the city of Bergen and the water and mountains that surround it.


At the top there was a restaurant and cafe along with a couple shops and some hiking paths that went farther into the mountains. We ate on the terrace and watched the sun fall closer to the tops of the mountains. After dinner we each had an ice cream (the cold helped my sore throat!) while we walked down one of the paths toward a small lake. 


Eventually we made our way back to the tram and headed back down the mountain. At the bottom and only 2 minutes away from our hostel is the old part of Bergen, called Bryggen. We walked along the water of Bergen Port and saw the cutest little old buildings!

We wandered through the shops and then found the coolest seafood market I've ever seen! They had giant crabs and salmon, they also had whale and moose! We tried some whale sausage, but ended up buying some reindeer sausage. Tomorrow, we will definitely be stopping back for a meal!! 


Now that we have done some initial exploring of this adorable city, we are back so I can go to sleep early!