Day Twenty Three- Segway Tour and Christiania

Today we got into town early for our segway tour! I know it's kind of lame, but Alexander always wanted to ride a Segway and we got a discount from having the Copenhagen Pass. It was, however, a really great way to see the city! Unlike a bus tour, we were able to stop and got off at different sights and take photos, etc. We were also able to see more than if we were on a walking tour. 

Our first stop was Amalienborg. It's a square with 4 difference palaces. One that the Queen lives in, one that the Crown Prince lives in, one that visiting foreign dignitaries stay in, and one that is a museum. The complex is right across from Frederick's Church which the large dome in the back of the photos. 


Our second stop was to see the Little Mermaid. Although she is quite small, she is a very popular sight for tourists. She is a character of Hans Christian Anderson's who is from Copenhagen.  


Next, we drove through Kastellet, a star shaped military fortress. It was where the King would be taken in time of war to be protected. There are guard stations on the 5 tips of the star so that they can protect the King from all sides. 


We also saw the outside of the Opera House that was donated by Maersk, the CEO of the largest container shipping company in the world. 


Our last big stop was Nyhavn, or New Harbor. It is what many people think of when they picture Copenhagen- the colorful houses along the canal. There were many restaurants along the sides and large old ships that made it even more beautiful. 


After our tour, we ate lunch on a quaint little street in the middle of town and then walked to Christiania. Christiania is a small colony inside of Copenhagen. In the 1970s, a group of young people claimed an 85 acre abandoned military base as a separate and independent community. To this day, it is independent. They have their own rules and the Copenhagen police do not enforce the law within their boundaries. However, Christiania is a very safe place and is a popular tourist attraction. In fact, there is a waiting list and you have to pass an interview process to live there!

Inside, everything is bright and colorful- all of the signs and buildings are covered with artwork! In the middle is a small market where vendors openly sell weed, along with artist-made products like jewelry and clothes. The vibe was very upbeat and friendly, there was a large sitting area in the market where people could hang out and absorb the atmosphere. However, I wouldn't advise it if you mind the smell! 


Next, we went back to Maria's house and had another awesome traditional Danish meal! We made open faced sandwiches- a piece of rye bread with various toppings. We had sandwiches with different types of herring, Danish flat fish, roast beef, and small round pork cakes and fish cakes that I can't remember the name of! All of the combinations were delicious! For dessert we had rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar which was delicious also, but I was so full from my sandwiches!! 


Afterwards, we had more fun with the girls. We played Just Dance and Alexander and Phillipa were rockin it!