Day Twenty Five- Paper Island and Copenhagen Bike Ride

This morning we decided to ride the bikes around town that our AirBnB host lent us. We wanted to see the city from the point of view of a local in one of the most bike friendly places in the world! It was crazy how easy it was to bike in the middle of Copenhagen! Bikes have lanes going in both directions, just like the cars, and the lanes are about as big as the car lanes! Bikes even have their own mini street lights!! I have always been worried of hitting someone or getting hit by a car while riding a bike, but I definitely didn't feel that here! 

We drove our bikes down to Papioen, or Paper Island (it's called that because it's a little island in the middle of Copenhagen that used to house newspapers), it is also now called Copenhagen Street Food. It is a giant warehouse that has turned into little food stands with food from all around the world. It reminded me somewhat of the Global Market in Minneapolis. After walking around and looking at all of the options, I got some Turkish street food and Alexander got Italian. Both of our meals were great and we ate them outside on picnic benches facing the canal!    



After brunch, we took our bikes to the King's Garden that we visited on our first day. Since we already saw the sights we wanted to, we decided to relax and enjoy the sunshine at the park. We found a bench and sat and read our books and watched the pretty fountain.  


 After reading and contemplating life a little bit, we walked around looking for a crepe stand (Alexander saw one when we first got a Copenhagen and really wanted one). After a yummy Nutella crepe, we went into a nearby Lego store. They of course had all of the same things that we could find in Minnesota, but since Denmark is the home of Lego, we thought we should check it out! 

Later in the afternoon, we stopped in a grocery store on the way home to get supplies for dinner. We got back to our AirBnB and made some pasta for dinner while chatting with our host. He is a fellow world traveller and gave us suggestions for when we visit Asia! While eating, we spent the evening catching up on the news and our TV shows!