Day Three- Travel to Dublin

**I apologize for this late post! For a more interesting story, feel free to skip to Day Four!** 


Today we experienced the less glamorous side of traveling- the actual traveling. The showing up to the airport hours before flying out so we can return our rental car and because it's an international flight part. You know, the stuff you really look forward to! 

In all honestly, we did not do much other than fly to Dublin yesterday, neither of us even have any pictures! (so I'll share extra tomorrow!) We slept in, had breakfast at our hostel, and drove to the airport. Unfortunately, (and the reason I'm so bitter) our flight was delayed AND when I picked up my brand new backpack at the baggage claim, I found it was all dirty and even had a little hole in it! Luckily, it was on a small side and didn't impact my use of the bag. 

Anyway, we arrive in Dublin at about 10PM and then grabbed a bus to the city center where our hostel is. We got in about 11:00PM and got very quietly into our bunks so as not to wake the other 10 people in the room! 

I apologize again since this post is more of a venting session than sharing fun trip stuff, but I don't want you to think that everything always goes smoothly! However, it does always work out in the end:)