Day 31- Day at the Beach

Today we slept in and lounged until it was after noon! We then got ready and went to the beach! Since Latvia has such a big coastline and it was a warm day, we thought it was the perfect way to have a chill day! We laid out in the sun and played in the sand! I drew pictures and Alexander dug a giant hole, because we are really just children.

The sand was so soft! We both agree that it was the finest sand we've ever felt!  

The sand was so soft! We both agree that it was the finest sand we've ever felt!  


We had a very late lunch at the cafe on the beach and since it was so cheap, I also got a pina colada :) 

Speaking of cheap things- if you want an affordable place to visit, come to Latvia! Our apartment on AirBnB is lovely and is only $30 per night! Food is also very very affordable here!  


We then took the bus home again. However, their buses aren't really buses- they are little light rails that must be decades old. They go along rails on the street and connect to cables above them. They are quite rattle-ly and have metal seats. Definitely different than the super new and efficient public transport of Scandanavia!  

On the way home, we stopped at a shopping center (I have been wanting to buy a sweater because even though I'm a Minnesotan, I'm cold all of the time!) in the hopes that their clothes were as cheap as everything else! Unfortunately, that is not the case, but it's okay since I didn't find one I wanted anyway.

We then came home and I made dinner while we watched a movie. We are now about to go to sleep and look forward to seeing a couple sights around the city tomorrow!