Day Six- Belfast Birthday

 ***This post is about more traveling, so if you want more interesting stuff and photos, please skip to Day Eight!***


Today we took the first train ride of our trip. It was also my birthday! We left Dublin and journeyed through the Irish countryside to Northern Ireland. 

Unfortunately, besides the smooth train ride, we had a lot of bad luck today! After checking into our hostel, we had purchased tickets for the hop on hop off bus (a bus that runs through town to different sights in the city). However, we went to the stop and after waiting for an hour and a half, we realized the bus wasn't coming. We were planning to take the bus to the Titanic Museum, but by the time we realized the bus wasn't coming, we couldn't get to the museum in time to see it before it closed. 

We were so bummed, we decided to go back to the hostel and hang out for a little bit and take a break.  We didn't feel like we were missing much because Belfast didn't seem to have all that much for us to see anyway. 

Afterwards, we found a cute restaurant down the street for dinner, which was really good! I had a Eton Mess for my birthday dessert (a classic English dessert with merengue, cream, and strawberries)!


We planned to walk around a bit after dinner, but then it started raining! So Alexander ran to two of the pretty buildings in town and grabbed a few photos to document the fact that we were there!  


 All in all, it wasn't my best birthday, but to make up for it, Alexander decided that he would give me another birthday on Friday in London where we can really celebrate! Thankfully we leave tomorrow for Edinburgh!