Day Seven- Travel to Edinburgh

***This post is about more traveling, so if you want more interesting stuff and photos, please skip to Day Eight!*** 


Today we took our third flight! We are now in Edinburgh, Scotland! We have only been here for a few hours, but we are already in love with this town! Every building is old and beautiful. 

We woke up in Belfast and got a big yummy breakfast at the hostel cafe before taking the 45 minute bus to the airport. At the airport, we were able to use our Priority Pass to get into the business class lounge for the first time! That sure was nice- it was quiet and had really good free food! We will definitely be using it in every airport possible!   

Getting from the airport to our Air BNB was the real adventure today though. After getting our bags, we bought two tickets for the 20 min tram into the city center. We then found a little cafe and got some cheap sandwiches for dinner. From there we walked a couple blocks to the bus station and realized we needed exact change for the bus. 

However, we only have Euros and of course in Scotland, they use Pounds. So we found an ATM about a block away and used my debit card to get some cash in the correct currency. However, the ATM only gives 10 Pound paper notes, whereas we needed change for the bus's machine. So, we went to the casino next door to get change for the fare. We then ran back to the bus stop just in time to walk on right as the driver was shutting the door. Finally, we took the 15 minute bus ride to the stop closest to the Air BNB. 

This is our first Air BNB experience and so far it is lovely! It is so peaceful compared to a hostel and our host is such a cool gal! She is about our age and suggested a lot of great places to visit while we are here! We are very excited to have our own room again. 

Tomorrow's post will have way more photos and adventures as we explore Edinburgh!!