Day Eight- Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat

Today was another fun and busy day as we explored Edinburgh! We started bright and early and headed out to the bus stop to get into town so we could hop on the hop on/hop off bus! We stayed on the bus for a full lap so we could hear about Edinburgh's history and see all of the best sights of the city! 


We decided to hop off in the middle of town so we could grab some quick brunch and then we walked up to the Edinburgh Castle. The castle housed the oldest building in Edinburgh AND the Scottish Crown Jewels! It also had wonderful views of the city! 


After seeing the different buildings and sights of the castle, we hopped back on the bus and drove over to Arthur's Seat. Arthur's Seat is the highest peak of several large hills that overlook Edinburgh. It is actually an ancient volcano! 

We walked up the path to the top of the hill next to it and I stopped there because I it was steep and I am really afraid of heights! However, I was quite proud of how high I did make it and I did get to see some great views of the city! Alexander then went to the top on his own and apparently the views are amazing!  



After coming down the Arthur's Seat, we walked down what is called the Royal Mile. It is just the name given to the main streets that make up Old Town. It has the oldest buildings, a bunch of tourist shops, and A LOT of people. Today was especially busy because the Edinburgh International Festival is going on. Because of the festival, there were street performers- artists, comedians, musicians- everywhere which were cool to experience! 

Late in the afternoon, we took the bus back to our Air BNB and then walked to a close pub for dinner. When we got home, we had some tea and biscuits for dessert and are now about to go to bed! 

We look forward to seeing more of Edinburgh tomorrow!