Day 42- Travel to Goslar

Today we got up and got on the train to Goslar! Goslar is a small town in the middle of Germany. We chose to spend a few days here because it is right in between Berlin and Frankfurt, and Alexander really wanted to experience a small, historical German town.

It took us 3 trains to get here, but it only took a couple hours. When we arrived, we dropped off our things at our AirBnB and headed to the main square. We were surprised to see that they were having a small festival! They had live music, food vendors, people selling crafts, and activities for the kids.


We bought steak sandwiches from one of the food trucks and listened to the music while we ate. Then, after looking at all of the craft vendors, we each had a sundae at one of the Eis Cafes (ice cream cafe). I had told Alexander there would be a lot of them in Germany, but he had no idea that I meant there would be multiple on each block in little towns like this! He of course didn't complain!


After enjoying our sunny afternoon, we headed back to our AirBnB to relax and for Alexander to check emails. To his dismay- the Wifi here is terrible! In order to use the internet, we have to sit on the stairs (we are in the attic of a 4 floor building) and even then it isn't reliable. The bummer about it is we were planning to get a lot done with work and trip planning while here since there aren't a lot of touristy things.

Anyway, after freshening up a bit, we went back out and had dinner in town (since it is Sunday in a German village, none of the grocery stores are open). Apparently everyone likes to spend their Sunday nights at home because we were the only ones in the restaurant! Because of that, we were served very quickly and the waiter, who didn't speak English, was very patient with me!


We then came home and watched a movie!