Day 43- Day at the Spa

This morning we first walked over to the grocery store to get our supplies for meals (we can walk everywhere in this town since it is so small!) and then got ready to go to Bad Harzburg. It is the town right next to Goslar and has a pool and spa. I really wanted to go and have a relaxing day.

As it is in Goslar, no one we met spoke a word of English so I had to stumble through each conversation we had. I've always wanted to have this opportunity so that I would be forced to speak German, but it's more frustrating than I thought.

After we got on our swimsuits at the spa, we had a nice time in the pool for a while and then decided to try out one of the many saunas they had. However, every time we walked into one, someone would start saying something really quickly to us and try to tell us we are doing something wrong! After I didn't understand, they would keep repeating it and then Alexander would keep saying "Why don't you understand? Why aren't you answering them?" And I got so flustered that I would just walk out and not have a clue what they were saying. I felt so crappy that I didn't know how to use a sauna correctly, felt even worse that I was so bad at German, and Alexander being frustrated with me didn't help either.

We decided to give up on the sauna and went in the hot tub and surprise surprise, we were shooed out because we were doing something wrong there too!

We think we were probably told that we weren't supposed to be wearing swim suits (most other people we saw were naked), but some other people had suits on so we weren't quite sure. Either way, I was so frustrated that we just left. 

By the time we got back, it was late afternoon so we made dinner and are now sitting on the steps trying to get internet!