Day 45- The Search for Wifi

Since we haven't had much access to Internet the past few days and Alexander had a lot of things he needed to get done, today we set out to find an Internet Cafe!  

We went to the main town square with shops and restaurants. We walked back and forth before figuring out which cafe the free wifi was coming from. After an embarrassing amount of time walking in circles, we figured out which place it was and planted ourselves for the afternoon. Alexander accomplished all of the work he needed to catch up and I was able to book transport and accommodations for the next month of our trip. 

I also went next door and got a pedicure! My feet were in need of some love after the past month and a half of walking all over Europe!  

We spent the whole afternoon drinking tea, having lunch, and getting stuff done. It felt really nice to be all caught up on everything! It was also nice being all warm and cozy inside while watching the rain pour outside.

We then came home and packed up all of our stuff for our early morning train ride to Frankfurt, ate dinner, and had an early night!