Day 50- Travel to Brussels

This morning we were up before the sun to get on our first train of the day! Ute drove us to the Marburg train station and from there we had an hour or so ride to Frankfurt. From there we waited around a while and then got on a 3.5 hour train to Brussels! We then arrived at Brussels central station where we got on a bus to our AirBnB!  

Since it was a long morning/early afternoon of traveling, I took a nap and Alexander watched some TV after we got settled in. After I woke up, it was time for us to go into town and get some dinner.  We went to a restaurant called the Brussels Grill, it was completely American with American steakhouse decor and all-American food- it was awesome! With dinner, Alexander enjoyed one of his favorite fruity cocktails! 


By the time we finished dinner, we were ready to head back, watch a movie and go to bed!