Day 32- Stroll Around Riga

We had another lazy day today and woke up even later than yesterday! We are just so comfortable having our own private space that I think we completely turned off! We didn't leave our apartment until almost 4pm!  

When we finally did leave, we took the little rackety tram to what we thought was the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. Unfortnately, it is temporarily closed due to construction. So instead we decided just to walk around the historic parts of town and people watch as we went.  

We came across a few little told Latvian ladies selling jewelry and I remembered that I am collecting a pair of earrings from each country I visit (click here to see them all!). I thought it would be perfect to buy my Latvian earrings from one of these sweet old ladies. They are made of amber, which is very common in Latvia. 

We then continued down little cobblestoned streets and listened to a variety of music coming from different street performers as we passed them. We eventually found a little restaurant tucked in a little alove in the buildings and had a nice dinner outside in the evening air. We could still hear a ukulele player strumming away as we ate! 

Although we didn't do a whole lot, we thought it was the perfect day!