Day 52- Meeting Up with My Parents!

Today we met up with my parents!  

We started the day by packing up at our AirBnB and by noon we were out the door. We decided that since we only had a couple hours, we would go to a coffee shop and get some projects done. We also had some brunch while we were sitting there. 

Eventually it was time to catch a train to the Brussels Airport to meet my mom and dad! They arrived about 5 minutes after we did and after hugs and hellos, we got in their rental car and headed for the coast! It only took us a couple hours to drive to the Belgian coast where our VRBO condo is. It is very comfortable and has floor to ceiling windows that give a perfect view of the North Sea!  


We then spent the evening relaxing and catching up and planning our day for tomorrow!

Check out tomorrow’s post written by my dad!