Day 53- Day in Brugges

My name is Tim, I am Shelby's dad and I have the pleasure of writing today's diary!  Shelby's mom, Christine and I are staying with Shelby and Alexander on the Belgium coast in a condo overlooking the North Sea.  

We woke up to a very beautiful morning on the beach!  The tide is WAY out and people are out walking a great distance to the sea!

Shelby, Christine, and I walked to the market just down the block from our flat and stocked up on local foods for some of our meals.  Upon our return to the flat we had a delicious breakfast of homemade breads, pastries, meats, and cheeses!

After breakfast, we walked to the train station, about a half mile from the flat.  The train station looked like it was closed and vacant but we finally found a lonely ticket machine and purchased our tickets to get to Brugges!

Brugges is a very old city in Belgium with amazing old archetecture, canals winding through town, and lots of great Belguim food (Chocolate!  Waffels!)!  We walked a while then purchased tickets for a boat tour on the canals.  It is very clear why Brugges is called the Venice of the North!  Buildings are built right into the water - some of them from the 13th century!  After the boat tour we walked along the cobblestone streets, visited a number of shops (Shelby is on a mission to find the perfect set of earrings in each country.  She and Alexander have perfected their earring shopping skills and can spot them right away without wasting any time!)


Lunch in Brugges was in the Market Square!  A large historic square with multiple towers and very cool old buildings.  Unfortunately the Market prices are really high for lunch, clearly a tourist area, but food was good and the beer was cold!  After lunch we strolled more of the historic streets.  Christine and I found a chocolate shop off the main roads and purchased some amazing homemade Belgium chocolates!  Finally, as we headed back to the train station we found another cafe off of the main square that had delicious Belgium waffles.  I ordered the traditional with butter and powdered sugar, Christine ordered one with strawberries and chocolate syrup!  We all shared!


After the train ride back to our flat, Shelby, Alexander, and I walked along the beach enjoying the sunny afternoon and collecting shells!  A perfect afternoon on the North Sea!


That evening we had home cooked meal in the flat.  Since we had seen sheep everywhere and the market had great looking lamb chops, we decided to have that for dinner!  

We had a great time and are we looking forward to a day on the beach tomorrow!