Day 38- Travel to Berlin

Today was another long travel day as we made our way to Germany! We got on a 7.5 hour train to Berlin from Warsaw at 10AM. However, after 5 hours (right when we crossed the German border), the train stopped and everyone got off. We had no idea because all of the overhead announcements were in Polish! Thankfully, the kind couple that shared our compartment spoke English and explained the situation. There was work going on, on the tracks, so we had to get on a bus to take us to Berlin. 

After our entire train stood outside waiting for some bus, a worker finally showed up and sent us to a train platform to a town we hadn't heard of. After 10 minutes, no train came. Then another worker came and sent us all to a different platform. We all got on the train and it took us to a town closer to Berlin. From here, we were able to get on commuter trains that took us to the city. Even though the entire situation was quite confusing, it helped that I was at least able to understand the announcements and instructions as at this point, they were all in German. I was also able to help out a couple Polish people that didn't speak German!  

This photo shows just how exciting our train ride was! Alexander must have been really bored that he took photos of me while I was watching a movie!  


We walked through Alexanderplatz to get to the metro to take us to our AirBnB. Naturally, we needed to get a photo of Alexander next to the sign!  You can tell he's a little tuckered out from all the trains today! 


We got to our AirBnB and had dinner with our host while getting to know him a little bit. We then retreated right to bed!