Day 37- National Museum in Warsaw

Hello, everyone! It’s Alexander here, doing a guest post!

We did lunch back in Old Town, this time in the main square. We found a cute place that was open outside, it was a bit chilly but they had heaters on, so it was not too cold. It was a lot of fun watching the people and all the birds that would gather in the square. We watched a woman who was feeding the birds outside of her business in the square. After lunch I got a traditional rectangular waffle with Nutella, it was very delicious.


Today we changed up our history lesson and went to The National Museum in Warsaw, which is actually their art museum. We saw works of ancient art from Egypt and Greece, and they had a large collection of works of Polish paintings since the 16th century and works by many European painters and sculptors. Also, it included some paintings from Hitler’s private collection. The museum also has one of Europe’s largest collection of Nubian Christian art, it was very extensive. 

We did some more walking around from the museum back to Old Town and the rain started to increase more so we decided to invest in a small collapsible umbrella so we now have something just in case we get stuck in large quick downpours. 

Since it was another rainy day in Warsaw we decided to head back to the Air BnB for another dinner in. It has been a great expense in Warsaw, Poland. Seen a lot and learned a lot about the culture of this country. Looking forward to heading to Germany!