Day 153- Drive to Serengeti

Today we hopped in our massive safari car and headed to the Serengeti!!


The drive was supposed to be about 8 hours, however, about 1.5 hours in, we hit a road bump! The bridge on the one road going that direction was completely washed away by the rain. After talking to the men working, our guide came back and told us it would be a 3-4 wait for them to fill in the gap! So, we sat for about 1.5 hours when our guide got back in the car and we drove around the big crowd of people and followed a couple other safari trucks down the hill into the water and up the other side! I wish I had a picture of what our car looked like after! 


Once we were over the hill, we took off onwards! A couple more hours and we reached the edge of the Ngorongoro Conservation Park which we drove through to get to the Seregenti National Park. There we stopped and ate our boxed lunches and walked through the small visitor’s center! 


Once we entered the park, all of the roads were dirt and very bumpy! That is why it took us almost 4 hours to drive through Ngorongoro to get to our lodge in the Serengeti!  


There was also a lot of mud!  


However, on our 4 hour drive, we had a taste of what is to come in the next few days! 


Then in the evening we reached our lodge overlooking the Serengeti park! There we had dinner and settled in for the night!