Day 157 & 158- Travel to New Delhi

Today we left our hotel at check out time and drove to the Arusha airport where we took a much bigger plan than last time back to Dar Es Salaam (however, we had a quick stopover in Zanzibar which was cool to see!).  

We arrived in the early evening and then waited a few hours to catch a nighttime 6 hour flight to Doha, Qatar, where we spent a few more hours in the most beautiful airport we have ever seen! The weird thing is. it was about 3 am and the place was packed! 

Anyway, we then took a final flight 3.5 hour flight to New Delhi! Then we made it to our hotel in Sundar Nagar, a neighborhood a little southeast of the city and located near the India Gate. 

When we walked in the room, we laid down on the bed and only woke up for dinner before going back to sleep for the night!