Day 142- Beach Day and Jaffa

Hi! This is Carly Boyle and I will be writing the post for the day. I am dating Shelby’s brother Alan. This week Alan and I are in Israel with the Carr’s. It is my first time out of the country and so far it has been really fun! 

On our second day after arriving and getting over jet lag Alan and I did some fun adventuring. I woke up around 5am and proceeded to talk to Alan as he went in and out of sleep until he finally woke up. We then decided to walk down to the beach at around 7:30am. The beach is only a short 5min walk from where we are staying. I collected some shells and we wondered up and down the beach. Around 10am we headed back and ate some delicious eggs prepared by Shelby. Then we all headed to get some groceries at a 5 shekel store which converts to around $2 for most the items. 


Alan wanted to swim because the ocean was calling to him so we grabbed our swimsuits and headed to the beach. Shelby and Alexander were not feeling very well but accompanied us to the beach to get some fresh air. The water was a bit cold and there were lots of signs reading “swimming prohibited”  but we enjoyed our short swim anyway. I have not been in the ocean since I was young so being in the Mediterranean Sea was a great experience! Shelby and Alexander decided to go take naps so they could feel better for our all day tour the following day.


Alan and I decided to walk to Jaffa because it was one of the places I was looking forward to visiting. It is a historical port city in Israel and has a more relaxed feel then the busy city of Tel Aviv. Along the walk we saw some stray cats and now Alan has started a photo record of all the stray cats he sees. 


Jaffa had a lot of hidden treasures that we were not aware of until we did some exploring. We saw the rocks where Andromeda was tied up as a scarifice to Poseidon and later saved by Perseus. We wondered up some steps and found the market square. Then we went down what we thought was a random staircase which led us to The House of Simon the Tanner. This is where Saint Peter raised Tabitha from the dead and had a vision which allowed him to eat meat that is considered unclean in Judiasm. This was an important turning point in the spreading of the Christian faith. I thought it was awesome that we were just wondering around and stumbled on such an important place. 


More wondering took us down interesting roads where we saw the lighthouse, clock tower and my personal favorite the wishing bridge. On the wishing bridge you walk along and find your Zodiac sign. Then you hold onto it and look out at the sea and make a wish. Legend is that your wish will come true! Alan and I are both Virgo’s so we stood side by side as we made our secret wishes.  


We realized that it was 2pm and we had not yet eaten lunch with all of our wondering. Thus, we started the 45 min walk back along the coast. When we got back Shelby and Alexander were feeling a bit better and I personally was sore from all the walking. My Fitbit said I had 22,000 steps so I was happy to have a relaxing evening. Shelby cooked up some chicken and threw together a salad. We played Kings Corner and 500 after dinner until we all decided to go to sleep. I really enjoyed the warm weather and the beautiful sights. It is crazy to imagine people living in this city so long ago. I am excited to see more amazing sights and learn about the long history in this area!d


Thank you for reading and make sure to check out the next post of our adventures in Jerusalem!