Day 177- Mekong Delta

This morning we got in the car and drove to My Tho in the Mekong Delta! When we arrived, our driver took us to the dock and we jumped on a boat to an island across the river in Ben Tre Province! 


On the island, we first met some beekeepers and tried their honey! We also had some snacks and some amazing tea with honey and pollen! 


Then we continued to walk further into the island where we tried some fresh tropical fruits! Some we quite interesting and very different than fruits we’ve had before! 


While we ate fruit and had some more tea, we were serenaded with some traditional South Vietnamese music! 


When we finished, we walked to a small boat dock where we got on a row boat! 


We rowed through many water coconut tries until we got to the edge of the island where we got back on our big boat!


Our boat took us to the other side of the island where we watched some people making coconut candies! 


We tried some fresh and it was so warm and gooey! We bought a couple packages! 


Then we got on a small horse carriage to take us to lunch! 


We had SUCH a good lunch! It was Elephant Ear fish which is very popular in the area! We even had someone come to our table and take pieces of the fish and put them into little rolls of rice paper! 

On the boat back to the car, we had some fresh coconut water! 

On the boat back to the car, we had some fresh coconut water! 


Then, we headed for Can Tho which is only about 3 hours south of My Tho. Unfortunately, because of the holiday traffic, it took us 7.5 hours! That means once we arrived, we grabbed a late dinner and were off to bed!