Day 187- Historical Kyoto Walking Tour

Guest post time from Alexander! I am so exited we are in Japan! 

Today we decided to take a walking tour that was listed in the Air BnB app. The first stop on our tour was Fushimi Inari Tarsha shrine. This is a very iconic shrine because of the 1000s of Tori gates.  


The Shinto religion says there are 8 million gods, gods in everything from a grain of rice to a place. But there are 3 main gods, god for rice, god for busienss and a god for the arts in that shire. 

There are over 30,000 shrines around Japan, with a high number in Kyoto. Shrines can range from the large one above to this small one.


We then went to the Gion Shirakawa area. This area is very popular with Geishas. We learned all about the gash life and how they train for 6 years to be gashas, they are performers who serve tea and dance (but also a lot more). We tried to find a gasha but were unsuccessful.


We then walked to another shrine called Yasaka  



Then finishing the tour at a budist temple.



After the walking tour we then explored more of the area. I am fascinated by all the stores they have, so we walked in a few and I was trying to find a pair of chopsticks, but shelby was able to find really cool earrings.



It was a very cold day but it was amazing! We saw and learned so much.