Day 175- Travel to Vietnam

Today it was time to say goodbye to Gary and Lois, and KimLeng, Sarun, and Anna and head over to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! Gary, Anna, and KimLeng even took us to the airport! 


Our flight was actually a little early so we were excited when we arrived at the Ho Chi Minh Airport! However, when we arrived we needed to get a visa on arrival and wait in a very long line, which took almost two hours!  

Thankfully, when we finally got through and had our bags, our driver was still there waiting for us! He dropped us off at the hotel since it was late in the evening. We then went to the roof top restaurant for dinner, where we had a great view of the city! 


 While in Vietnam, we are doing another multi-day tour, so we are very excited to see what is in store!