Day 151 & 152- Travel to Tanzania

These two days we have been traveling from Cairo to Arusha, Tanzania. We started with an evening/overnight flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where we took another flight to Dar Es Salaam, which is the biggest city in Tanzania. Then we took an afternoon flight to Arusha from Dar Es Salaam in a really cool, small plane!


There were 6 of us on the flight, us, two other Americans, and two Israelis, and an Australian pilot! We also flew right over Mount Kilimanjaro, but unfortunately, it was completely covered by some storm clouds. 


 When we arrived in Arusha, we had a driver from our safari take us to our hotel for the night where we had some dinner and then immediately hit the hay! We were tired from our long travel day and because in the morning we were up bright and early for the beginning of our safari adventure through the Serengeti!