Day 164-166- Working with Flatworld

For these few days, there isn’t much to report! Alexander spent his day at Flatworld, the outsourcing company, working on starting up new projects for GGOCC websites! Meanwhile, I have been LOVING the sun, hanging out at the beach and the gym! 


The people at Flatworld were so kind! They gave Alexander flowers! One bouquet was for John,  because they thought he was also coming.  


Day 163- Travel to Bangalore

This morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the airport to fly to Bangalore! Why Bangalore, you ask? Well, it is the tech hub of India and John uses a tech company there to outsource some of his web work! The reason we are here is so that Alexander can work with them on some new projects! 

While here, John put us up at a nice hotel and we even got a free room upgrade! It was really nice!! We spent the evening checking out the hotel’s restuarants, the pool, the spa, etc!  

Then after a late dinner, we went to the hotel bar (which becomes more of a club at night) and listened to some music!