Day 150- Egyptian Museum

Today we had a slow morning before heading across the street to the Egyptian Museum!  

When we arrived we got a little flustered because we were short changed drastically for our tickets (which we didn’t complain about since it wasn’t a huge loss and there was a long line), and then once we got passed 3 different security checks, they rummaged through Alexander’s bag and took out his camera. They said we couldn’t go in if we didn’t pay a fee to take photos, otherwise we had to pay to store the camera. So, Alexander had to leave and pay the fee before going back through security.  

We were also kind of disappointed by the museum itself! We expected it to look like most museums we have seen where there are plaques and exhibits and such, however, this one looked more like a warehouse for Egyptian artifacts. Don’t get me wrong, those artifacts were incredible! It just wasn’t quite what we thought it would be!  

Our favorite part was seeing the items from King Tut’s tomb! Especially his famous burial mask! Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos in that room. 

We saw at least 100 mummies!  

We saw at least 100 mummies!  


 After we saw every square meter of the space, we walked over to the Ritz-Carlton hotel (which is right next to the museum) for dinner. There, we had more delicious Egyptian grilled meat with pita, rice, and sauces! I am definitely falling for this Middle Eastern food! 

For dessert we had something called Um Ali, which is a baked pastry with cream and almonds. It was sooo good.  

For dessert we had something called Um Ali, which is a baked pastry with cream and almonds. It was sooo good.  




Day 148- The Nile and Tahrir Square

Today we took it easy by going for a walk around our hotel. We are located near Tahrir Square, the heart of the 2011 revolution! It was crazy walking around this intersection because the cars are constantly coming and full speed and pedestrians just sort of dodge them! There are also no lanes, so cars just kind of do whatever they want! And to think we complained about cars in Italy and Morocco!  


We are also close to the Cairo Museum and a couple blocks from the Nile, so we saw both of those on our walk as well! We will be visiting the Cairo Museum in a couple days!  


For the rest of the afternoon, Alexander was able to catch up on work and we both did some tax stuff (YAY). 

However, for dinner we went to the hotel restaurant. We ordered the two most expensive things on the menu, had a bread appetizer, shared a dessert, and our total was $41! We are baffled by how inexpensive everything is here, we feel like we are living the high life! 

In the back of the photo, you can the dish that Alexanders meat came on. It is a variety of traditional grilled meats- all of which were great!