Victoria Peak

Day 183- Zoological Park and Victoria Peak

Today we were bummed to see that it was cloudy! The past couple days have been bright and sunny, however, today we had planned to go up to Victoria Peak! 

Since it’s our last day, we decided to do it anyway and we still were able to see some great views!  

We firstly grabbed the bus from Vicki and Graham’s apartment to the IFC and then we walked to where the funicular takes people up to the Peak! On the way, we stopped at the Zoological Park! It was a cute green space surrounded by skyscrapers! It was also quite busy since it’s still everyone’s holiday. 


Along the path in the park, we found a cute little bamboo garden that had a tiny path through it! 


Then on the other side of the park, we found the funicular. Once we found the line, we stood for about half an hour. However, once we turned the bend, we saw that first of all, we were in the wrong line, and second, that the giant line we should be in had at least a 2 hour wait. So, after thinking about it for a while, we decided to walk a few blocks and take a minibus instead! 

When we finally found our mode of transport, we took about 50 minutes to get up to the top. However, once we made it, the view was worth it! We still wish we came on an sunnier day, but we could see a lot of the city anyway! 


Our plan was to walk back down, but I wimped out because I got cold! Instead, we got on the minibus again! Then, we got on the bus back to the apartment where we did laundry,  packed, and had dinner in!