Day 49- Day Around Marburg

Today we started our morning with a nice breakfast with Manfred and Ute! 

We then had a couple hour long Skype meeting with John. We were able to make a lot of progress on some work projects which felt really good to get done! 

After we finished up with work stuff, Manfred and Ute lent us their car again and we headed into town. There we started by getting some lunch at yet another cute restaurant in a town square. We walked around Old Town for a little while and looked at the little shops.


We then walked up to the Landgrafenschloss at the top of Schlossberg! There we could walk around the castle and have wonderful views of the city! 


We also walked to St. Elizabeth's Church. After hearing about Elizabeth from Manfred, she sounds like an incredible woman- One of her achievements is creating the first hospital in Marburg! 


After our stroll around Marburg we went back home and had a last dinner with Manfred and Ute! We had interesting discussions about world affairs and cultural differences between the United States and Germany! 

After dinner we got packed up for Belgium and headed to bed!