Day 70- Bus Tour, Tapas, and the Gothic Quarter

Today we got ready and started the day with a bus tour! We haven’t done one in a while and we thought it would be the most efficient way to see as much of Barcelona as possible!  

The best part, we thought, of the tour was going up on the hill overlooking the city that has the Olympic stadium because of the view!  

   We also went through the port! 


We also went through the port! 


Unbeknownst to us when buying our tickets, half of the tour was stopped because of demonstrations going on in town. We knew there would be demonstrations, we just didn’t know where. So we hopped off the bus at the farthest point, back on La Ramba. 

From there we walked down the street and then through the Gothic Quarter. Everywhere we looked, we saw Spanish flags! There were thousands of Catalans protesting the against Catalonian independence- according to articles we read, it was over 300,000!  

As we kept walking, we saw more and more people! Some were chanting, yelling, singing, cars honking- being surrounded by so much passion actually gave me goosebumps! Alexander wasn’t quite so moved. 

While in the Gothic Quarter, we also visited the Barcelona Cathedral!  

While in the Gothic Quarter, we also visited the Barcelona Cathedral!  


We stopped at a local tapas place along the road where the protesters were marching. Man were they good! It was also cool to check out an authentic tapas bar surrounded by Catalans and all of the excitement! 


However, as we left, things seemed to be getting heated. Walking away from the tapas bar, we saw several police vans coming toward us. People were laying down in front of the vans and the police were walking next to the vans to keep people away. Once we made it about a block away we heard a large bang and then some smoke. We have no idea what it was, we thought maybe tear gas? 

It was fascinating to witness, but we were glad we got out of the situation when we did!  

Once out of the protests, we walked to the boardwalk. We walked around and watched the boats and people!  


Eventually, we made our way back home and had a simple dinner since we were still full from tapas!