Chatuchak market

Day 169- Chatuchak Market and Wat Pho Temple

Today, we got up and took the public sky train to the Chatuchak Market! It is a giant and well-known market that goes on and on and on! It has the main isles outside, but once you go in, you can find stall after stall for just about anything! Aside from clothes and Knick knacks, inside the tiny aisles, you can stop at a restaurant or coffee shop, or even get a Thai massage! 

I may have purchased a couple tops!  


After zig zagging through endless shops, we took the sky train back to the main station where we picked up an Uber to take us across town to Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. 


The buildings and art pieces around the temple were beautiful and were the first we have seen in this sort of style!  


Then, after walking through all of the other buildings and around the courtyard, we saw the Reclining Buddha. We read about how this was a big attraction in Bangkok and couldn’t quite figure out why it was so important until we saw it!  

The pictures we saw online did not show how massive it was! In the second photo, you can faintly see some people at the end of the hallway and how the Buddha towers over them! The Buddha is over 150 ft long!! 


On the way out, we bought a couple ice creams for some quick heat relief! While we ate them, we walked down the main road where we caught a glimpse of the Royal Palace and some other government buildings around it. 


Once we saw everything we wanted to see, we were picked back up by our Uber and tookthe 45 minute ride back to our neighborhood! 

Then Alexander did some work for a couple hours before dinner and we headed to another restaurant on our street! Alexander had duck and I had my go-to salmon!