Day Two- Blue Lagoon

Today we got to do something that we had heard a lot about, and have been excited about for months!       We visited the Blue Lagoon! 


 It is a natural geothermal pool in Iceland that feels like you're on a different planet. Because of the silica algae in the water, it looks milky white. The whole place has a blue tinge because of how the silica reflects sunlight. People bathe in it because apparently the silica is good for your skin, and it feels awesome.  

Every guest gets a silica face mask and we also got a separate algae mask and visited the swimup bar! If you're feeling extra spendy, you can get an in-water massage. It looked like it feels amazing too!  


We spent 2 hours just floating around the pool and watching the steam from the hot water rise in front of the alien-looking rocks and mountain backdrop.  It truly was a one of a kind experience!



Getting back to town, we decided to go back to the hostel. I wanted to take a nap (still not quite adjusted to the time difference- was wide awake at 1AM!) and Alexander needed to answer some emails,  but there also wasn't all that much left to do! 

Iceland is BEAUTIFUL and so worth coming to, but there isn't much to do in the capital. It is a small city of only 122,141 people! I guess it isn't so small when you consider that the country's population density is only 3.3 people per square Km (as of 2015)! Didn't think you'd learn trivia in my updates, did ya? 

Anyway, we went to dinner in our hostel at 6PM and shared in a traditional Icelandic dinner! It was lamb with potatoes and carrots! It was really nice, affordable, and we got to meet other people who are staying in our hostel! 

After dinner we stopped at a Cafe for dessert in the city center and then walked along the ocean! For one slice of chocolate cake and one cup of tea, it was $15, eek! 


 We are looking forward to flying to Dublin tomorrow evening (where the food is definitely cheaper!), and will let you know how it goes!