Day One- The Golden Circle

So today was the day! After almost a year of planning, we are finally on the honeymoon of our dreams! We flew into Iceland at 6:00 this morning (1AM CST) and have been busy exploring this beautiful country!

To start off our trip the best possible way, we were so excited when the airline gave us a free upgrade to first class because we were honeymooners! The extra space and champagne made the 6 hour flight much more enjoyable!

After landing and picking up our rental car, we immediately began our trek around the Golden Circle! It is a scenic 3.5 hour drive around the Western part of Iceland where you can see several different natural beauties. 


We started at the  þingvellir National Park, where the division between the North American and European tectonic plates is the most visible! In the photo below you can see the giant crack in the rock- and further down the crack is even wider. There, Alexander and I were able to walk right between the continents! 



Our second stop was the Geysir Geyser! It is the second largest in the world, only beat by the Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone! Unfortunately, it does not erupt very often. We did get to see one of the smaller ones erupt multiple times while we were there! I had never seen a geyser in person and it was really fun to see! Alexander also was impressed as it was much larger than the one he saw in New Zealand! (The first photo is of the smaller one we saw and the second picture is of the actual Geysir Geyser, it was beautiful even though it didn't erupt!)



Just when I thought it couldn't get any better- it did. I wasn't expecting much since I feel like I've seen plenty of waterfalls, but man was I blown away by the Gullfoss Waterfall! It was huge and beautiful! The rushing white water falling into the deep canyon, surrounded by bright green grass and mist was an unbelievable sight. These photos do not do it justice!! (And yes, the little dots are people) 



Our final stop on the Golden Circle was Kerið, a lake inside of a volcanic crater! It was of course massive and beautiful! Alexander was much braver than I when it came to standing by the edge!!


After our adventurous morning/afternoon, we stopped in a little town to caffeinate ourselves following a night with about an hour's worth of airplane sleep. We then drove to Reykjavik to check into our hostel for the evening and were surprised with a private room AND bathroom! We paid for and originally booked a 14 person bunk room. This honeymoon thing is really paying off!!  

Now, we are going to head to the grocery store to pick up some dinner and have a relaxing night at our hostel:) 


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Also, none of these photos have been edited yet - the colors are actually that bright!