Day 137- Budapest Castle

Today was very windy and chilly for our one hour walk to the Budapest Castle!  

Despite the cold, we enjoyed seeing the architecture of the city and walking along the Danube!  


These is the castle from across the river! 


To get to the castle, we walked across the large chain bridge and up the hill! 


Then we had a great view of the otherside! This is the parliament building!  


We were sad that it was cloudy, but we actually really loved the pretty colors in the sky! 


After walking around the grounds for a while and enjoying the views, when we could no longer feel our toes, we decided it was time to head back! 

Day 136- Travel to Budapest and Christmas Market

Today we traveled over to Budapest! Once we arrived, we were excited to find that our AirBnB had a tiny Christmas tree and hot chocolate! It felt nice to get into the Christmas spirit! 

After enjoying our cocoa and listening to some Christmas music, we walked to St. Stephen’s Basilica to see the Christmas festival and market!  


It was very pretty and lively! Also, every half an hour, they showed a cute little video that was projected on the Basilica! 


We walked around and looked at each of the little shops and smelled all of the yummy foods!  

We walked around and looked at each of the little shops and smelled all of the yummy foods!  


I had some apple cider with rum which warmed by belly and my fingers! 


Then Alexander got a Kürtőskalác! It apparently is a traditional Hungarian pastry that is very popular at Christmas time. They are spiraled around a dowel and then turned until they become light brown. They are then covered in cocoa or cinnamon! 

There were several vendors selling them! I enjoyed watching the people make them! The ones you see in the picture are over a foot long and about 6 inches wide and of course Alexander got one just for himself!  


Once we saw everything and finisehed our treats, we headed back for the night!