Day 51- Sightseeing in Brussels

Today it was sunny all day and it made our day out and about all the better! We hit the ground running this morning at Atonium!  

It is literally a giant atom-shaped structure that was created for the 1958 World's Fair. After seeing it in pictures, I thought it would be a cool sculpture, maybe 20 ft tall- I was way off!! It is in fact 334 feet tall!!! Each sphere is part of a museum and each of the legs has either an elevator, escalator, or stairs connecting the spheres.  

From the spheres we had a complete panorama view of Brussels!  


Because we hadn't eaten breakfast and it was about that time anyway, we had lunch at the restaurant in one of the spheres! It was a pretty schnazy place, the menu was a tablet for goodness sake! 


From our spot at the restaurant we had a view of our next stop, Mini Europe!

Since Brussels is the heart and base of the European Union, they have a park dedicated to all 28 of its members. It has sculptures of the most recognizable landmarks from each country in the EU!    


Each sculpture is incredibly detailed and are quite large considered how many of them there are!!  We really enjoyed checking off all of the ones we have already seen! Alexander took photos of almost all of them because they are just all so magnificent! 


After Mini Europe (which was definitely the highlight of my day!) we went back into center of the city and walked down their main shopping street- we were able to pick up some essentials and I got a new scarf that I'm really excited about :) It really has been discouraging me to shop knowing that anything I buy I have to haul around with me for the next 7 months. That shows how much I needed and liked my scarf! 

We eventually found Brussel's insanely beautiful market square. I think I can safely say I find this one to be prettiest market square I've seen so far on this journey! The design of each of the buildings is so intricate and 



After gawking at these buildings for a while, we did one of the things Alexander has been most excited about in Belgium- buying Belgian chocolate. We went into one of the maybe 20 chocolatiers we saw and each filled up a bag of individual chocolates, we also got a box of chocolate covered strawberries that we are currently indulging in :)  

Then next, we walked down the street to do another thing Alexander wanted in Belgium- eating a Belgian waffle. There were many street vendors selling them with all sorts of toppings, Alexander of course got the Nutella one- I had a bite, and it was delicious! However, I don't think I could eat an entire piece!  

Our last stop for the day was the grocery store! We are now settled back into our room for the evening.