Les Mees

Day 65- Relaxing Day at Paule’s

Today we didn’t wake up until 11AM! We realized we slept almost 12 hours after our long day yesterday! We then got ready and at noon Paule came home from work to have lunch with us! 

After a yummy lunch, Paule went back to work and we did a little work ourselves. I then went back to sleep for a “quick nap”, however, my quick nap turned into 3 hours! The only reason I woke up at all was because Alexander woke me! I guess I had no idea how tired I was.  

Once I woke up the second time, Alexander and I sat in the garden and had some tea. Paule has a beautiful and big garden!  


When Paule came home from work, we went with her to pick up a couple baby tortoises! She even let me pick one of them out:) These guys are only 2-3 inches long! We brought them home and set up their new house and right away they went to town on their lettuce! 


We had a delightful dinner at home with Paule (she didn’t let us help at all- she said she is our mother while we are here!) We then had a nice quiet evening at home! And I think her cat likes me!