Day 84- Carmo Convent, Festival, and Sunset

Today we were able to spend more time out in Lisbon since we are more caught up on sleep, work, and travel planning! Our AirBnB is very close to the water, so that’s where we went first!  

By the pier there was some sort of event going on with live music and sand scultures!  


The pier we were on is right across from this beautiful square! 


From the square we headed for the Carmo Convent. It is a medieval Roman Catholic Convent from the 1300s. Unfortunately, it was ruined in 1755 by an earthquake. We wanted to go inside, but of course it is closed on Sundays! 


Even though we couldn’t go inside the church, next to it we found a large walkway bridge from which we could see excellent views!


After coming down, we walked back by the church and on the other side we found a little festival with lots of people selling art and crafts! I bought some cute and unique earrings there and we looked a many other unique items for sale. 

After that we wandered back to the square we passed earlier and found a place to get some drinks. I had a sangria and Alexander had a tequila sunrise. Since we liked the atmosphere, we decided to also order some dinner. In the background of this lovely photo of me, you can see the gate in the center of the square.  


Then after dinner, we walked around some more and enjoyed different street artists playing music. We also caught a beautiful sunset over the water! 


Day 83- Walking Around Lisbon

Today was mostly spent at our AirBnb working on things and catching up after Morocco. However, we did go out to accomplish a couple things: to buy me a pair of shoes and to go to the post office and send home the items we bought in Morocco.  Unfortunately, we did not accomplish either! The post office didn’t sell boxes big enough and the store didn’t have the right shoes. However, we still got to walk around the city and see much of Lisbon!  


After our short adventure, we went back to our AirBnB and did more catch up. We had a nice dinner at home and watched a couple of our TV shows we missed in a last week!