Day 162- Lotus Temple, National Gandhi Museum, Lodhi Gardens

Today we explored a few different places we were interested in around in Delhi for our last day!  

We started at the Lotus Temple which, fittingly, looks like a giant lotus flower! It is a temple belonging to the Baha’i faith which we knew very little about before visiting their museum next to the temple. They believe that God intermittently sends prophets to share his message, a few of them being Moses, Muhammad, Jesus, and the founder of Baha’ism, Baha’u’llah. We like that their main principles seem to center around unity and growth for everyone; unity of all humanity regardless of race or sex, unity between religion and science, unity and peace through education and a world language! 

After learning about their faith, we went into the temple. To get in, everyone walked in a single file line, took their shoes off and carried them in a bag. The temple is open to everyone and does not have any artwork or religious symbols so that everyone can worship and reflect on their own beliefs. 


After we left the Lotus Temple, we tried to go to Raj Ghat which is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. Unfortunately, we arrived and found that it was closed! Thankfully, the National Gandhi museum was just across the street, so we went to that instead! 


There, we walked through a timeline of Gandhi’s life and saw different artifacts and belongings of his! I realized just how little I know about his younger years! 

We also thought it was really cool to be able to see his spectacles and his staff!  


Once we finished at the museum, we went to the Lodhi Gardens! Since it is a gardens, I just assumed Lodhi would just be a big park that we could walk around. However, it is full of these beautiful old buildings! Each of them have a different purpose, but I think most of them are tombs! Walking through and exploring this park was lovely! I enjoyed seeing all of the local people relaxing in the grass next to these impressive monuments! 


After Lodhi Gardens, we headed back to the hotel to do our packing up routine before flying to Bangalore in the morning!