Day 103- Naples and The Best Pizza in Italy

Today we had our longest drive from Siena to Naples! 


We arrived in the late afternoon where we just relaxed for a while. Driving through Naples was a complete nightmare so we took it easy for the evening! (Alexander will explain more in his guest post tomorrow!) 

When we checked into our AirBnB our host told us that we were just down the street from what he said was known as the best pizza in the world, Sorbillo’s Pizza! Hearing that definitely peaked our interest so later in the evening we decided to see what he meant! Like he described, there was a large crowd standing outside waiting to get in. Our wait was about an hour before we could get a table- which is a small price to pay for the world’s BEST pizza!

Anyway, we ordered and were amazed at how cheap it was- a whole pizza was between 6 and 8 Euros. As you can see, they aren’t small pizzas either! I had a salami pizza and Alexander had prosciutto. 

OUR VERDICT: The crust/bread was incredible, it was very soft and yummy, but if you like crispy pizza this probably isn’t for you. It is also doused in buffalo mozzarella! It was great at first, but then became a little too much cheese! In general, it was really good, but not our favorite.  

Alexander clearly liked it well enough that he ate all of his and almost half of mine!