Day Nineteen- Bergen Museums

Today, after sleeping in once again, I am feeling much better! We got ready and grabbed a couple sandwiches to eat while we watched the world go by. We then spent the day walking through a few of Bergen's several small museums. 


The first was the Bryggen City Museum. This adorable little museum had a room full of artifacts from daily life for Bergen citizens throughout the past millenium. The other room had outlines of old wooden houses that used to be standing where the museum is now (below). They describe the excavation that happened underneath the homes and shows how close together and small the houses were. 


We then went over to Hakon's Hall. In the 1200s when it was built, Hakon's Hall was the largest and most impressive royal building in Bergen. Now, you barely notice it from the street! 

Our third and final museum was the Bergen Maritime Museum. They had many many impressive and detailed models of boats from the Viking Age to today's oil tankers.  

Our third and final museum was the Bergen Maritime Museum. They had many many impressive and detailed models of boats from the Viking Age to today's oil tankers.  


Afterwards, we walked our sore feet to the grocery store to pick out some dinner items and headed back home. We ate our food and hung out in the common room for a while. 

Later in the evening we made it back to our room and met some new guys who are bunking with us. Here are our new friends from Norway, Chile, and the Netherlands! We stayed up late talking about life, education, and politics in our respective countries. 


Day Eighteen- Hop on Hop off and Swimming Pool

This morning we slept in quite late which felt super nice! It was about noon before we had brunch at the cafe next door to our hostel.

What's really nice about our hostel is that it's right by the town square/marketplace on the water. That means we are right in the middle of all of the tourist attractions! We walked less than a block and picked up the hop on hop off bus. On the ride we learned about the history of Norway's second largest city. 

One thing I love about Bergen is its small-town character. The main part of the city is in a valley between 7 different mountains. Only 10% of the 250,000 people who live in Bergen reside in that main area- the other 90% live on the other side of the mountains. This makes the city seem a lot smaller than it actually is.  



I love all of the colors of the cute little houses!  

After our tour, it started to rain. Since I've been craving a hot tub, we went to the community pool for the afternoon. Alexander didn't think he would like it since he generally doesn't like pools, but he changed his mind after going down the slides several times!  

We went back to the fish market for dinner and splurged on a seafood platter! It had king crab, crayfish, shrimp and mussels! It was also a cool experience because we were in the market tent by a heat lamp watching the rain pour over the port.  


We are now in our room chatting with our roommates and watching movies!