Day Eleven- Westminster Abbey and The London Dungeon

Today we started our exploration of London! I am really glad we are spending 6 full days here, because there is a lot to do!  

After having a large continental breakfast in the hotel, we jumped on the hop on hop off tour bus and took the 2 hour loop around the city. We heard all about the history of each of the monuments and buildings we passed. Unfortunately, it was so much information that I'm not sure how much of it we'll remember! 

We then hopped off when we got back to Parliament and the Westminster Abbey. We walked around the entire church and listened to the audio tour. It was beautiful and had incredible monuments and tombs.  


From the Abbey, we walked around Parliament and Downing Streets. On Downing Street, you can see the house of the Prime Minister, Theresa May. We also were able to watch the changing of the Queen's Life Guard on Downing Street and I got a photo with one of the horses!



We eventually made our way back to the other side of the Westminster Bridge to the London Dungeon! I had thought we would actually be in the dungeons underneath London, but this was in fact more of a theme park attraction than a history lesson. However, we did learn quite a bit! We wandered through dark halls and became part of reenactments of stories in London's history. 

Afterwards we walked around and found some dinner. Then we wandered around Trafalger Square looking in some souvenir shops and what not. We just got back into our room to go to bed before starting over again tomorrow!